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Dayna and David • Therapy Pool

This family calls themselves the Five Deez – it’s on the license plate of their minivan. Father David; Mother Dayna; Daric; Dakota; and Daleney. Daleney, born at only 27 weeks, came into the world weighing 1 pound,14 ounces. She was born with a form of cerebral palsy that affects all four of her limbs, spastic quadriplegia.

David and Dayna have a goal in mind for their youngest daughter. They want to keep her out of a wheelchair. Their doctor recommended physical therapy in a therapy pool.

They knew having their own therapy pool would be the best way to keep Daleney loosened up, in less physical pain, and hopefully, out of a wheelchair. “Organizations were willing to give money for equipment to react to our needs, but we couldn’t find anyone willing to be proactive with Daleney, and possibly keep her from needing the equipment,” according to Dave. Their insurance carrier turned them down, so they began to explore other ways.

The family found the perfect pool. However, the price was daunting for this young family of five. With a down payment, the dealer held the therapy pool for them for nearly six months while they figured out financing.  Then, they heard about the Iowa Able program. They applied for an Iowa Able loan and received it, providing the remaining funding they needed to purchase the therapy pool.

Now, Daleney works out three times a week with her physical therapist, and twice a week with Mom. “It’s been tremendous what this pool has done for her,” Dayna said. “She stays looser longer with the stretching, can move more freely for much longer periods, and she experiences less pain on a daily basis. We’re so glad we did this.”

The family is thankful for the Iowa Able program. “I’m not sure what we would have done if Iowa Able wasn’t available,” Dave said.

Daleney is a bright, talkative, typical four-year-old who laughs often and looks for mischief. She doesn’t know how hard her parents are working for her. But, Daleney has a great foundation and a bright future growing up with the Five Deez.

Dayna and David Teske
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